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Internet Ads
In the past few years the internet has become the new phone book. When your business is not found while a prospect is searching you end up just loosing out on the opportunity. Large companies have been overwhelmingly trying to sell businesses packages that do nothing on a local level. We can focus your ads and target the area that your business is in. Call us today to discuss your needs at 860-840-6171 weekdays.

Trade Shows
This is a great marketing tool that many businesses fail to use use. A trade show usually one or two days brings in hundreds of people to one area. This allow you to promote a new product, service or just re-enforce the company in the eyes of the public. Many trade show businesses use free gifts, give-a-ways or coupons to allow tracking on how well the trade show did for them. We are currently running the MUSIC EXPOS here in CT. Focusing on people with interests in music, movies, instruments and vintage items.

SEO, Web ads, banner ads ?

Web Confusion

Since 2005 we have been highly involved in the Connecticut web design, hosting and consulting services. Prior our team worked with other area web design companies as far back as 1995 when the internet was on dial-up. Now in today's marketing and advertising you have to be on line with an effective plan. Allow our team to work for you and your business with the experience required in today's internet.

Business packages fitted for you and your needs.

Every type of business needs web presence in today's market.

After you have discussed your needs we will come back with you with a complete package. Not only is building a web site a huge part of the project, however there are more on the back end that must be done. Correct coding for search engines to find, list and re-visit your web site are important. Placing ads in your area vs. on a world wide basis to target prospect that will matter. Building name for you on line via social media, newsletters and blogs & classified boards.